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5 Apps to Help Small Business Owners Stay Organized

May 08, 2018 - 7:31 pm

Running a small business is full of challenges where owners need to handle everything from scheduling employees, managing assets, budgeting and writing proposals, to cost analysis, advertising and social media. To help keep it all organized, these small business apps can be used in the office or remotely.



Potentially transformative ideas can arrive at any time, but sifting through a mass of data can be daunting and unproductive. Evernote allows users to clip, tag and edit online information, and embed video, tables, audio and graphics. No need to painstakingly transcribe scribbled thoughts on sticky notes into a legible, shareable format; Evernote takes handwritten stylus and touchscreen notes and shares them across all platforms. Separate files can organize operating costs, insurance, human resources and client lists, any of which can be shared with other team members. The app has a camera function as well for scanning receipts and bills, making it easier to manage expenses.



OmniFocus is used to organize, prioritize and schedule your time, be it for business or daily life management. The app is compatible with the Mac ecosystem, syncs easily between devices, and can use existing workflow systems or assist in creating one geared to your business’s unique specifications. For iPhones or iPads with location access, the app does more than send schedule reminders. A user passing by an office supply store can get a tap on the wrist with a reminder to pick up printer paper and other items on their shopping list.



Applicable to PCs, Macs and smartphones, the Kanban workflow board provides a clear visual calendar with flexible sorting, analytics, forecasts and reporting. Among the helpful tools, KabanFlow helps eliminate bottlenecks by establishing the number of tasks and subtasks assigned in a reasonable period, and users must complete tasks before starting new ones. Limiting multitasking can mean increased efficiency, and the app can monitor time spent per task while assessing interruptions that impact productivity. Tasks can be added by email to CSV, XML, Excel and JSON.



Timely is a straightforward organizational app, usable with Windows, Mac or Android. Time management for both the business owner and employees is a key focus, with features for balancing workloads, scheduling, work-hour usage, time card accuracy and more. Timely comes with detailed reporting tools that are valuable for project budgeting and completion.



Harvest simplifies the process of project management, easily creating client invoices for expenses and billable hours. It also collects and collates raw data from staff timesheets into clear, cohesive reports. Harvest can integrate over 100 apps and visualizes time usage of each staff member, allowing business owners to evaluate workloads, avoid overtime costs and a possible burnout.



This article was written by Valerie Heimerich for Small Business Pulse