Needing Tech Upgrade

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5 Tech Upgrades Your Small Business Office Needs

June 20, 2018 - 3:00 pm

To get an edge on their large corporate competitors, small business owners need to be able to react quickly, minimize operating costs and maintain an optimum level of productivity. One of the most effective ways to do that is to regularly upgrade your company’s office technology.


Automated HR

Because of their limited resources, many founders find themselves in the position of personally handling all of their company’s payroll and onboarding needs. In addition to being incredibly tedious, managing these background tasks eats up time owners can’t afford to waste. As such, conscientious executives should automate these human resource functions using services like Namely or ICIMS and devote more of their attention toward growing their businesses.


Cloud data storage

Although maintaining a quality work-life balance is important, startup founders should always be on the lookout for potential business opportunities. To that end, owners should invest in a cloud data storage solution so that staff can quickly access inventory information, company logistics and customer data on the go. That way, entrepreneurs will always have the tools they need to complete a sale or respond to an inquiry at their fingertips.


Security software

As explained in this Denver Post article, the total cost associated with a small business cyber attack is $690,000. Consequently, 60 percent of SMBs that get hacked close six months after an attack. Owners need to protect their company data and consumer information with high-grade security software.


Virtual reception services

Another way owners can ensure that they don’t miss any sales is to employ a virtual reception service. Companies like Ruby Receptionists can handle and log all of a company’s incoming phone traffic while a company’s personnel are otherwise engaged. They can also do it for considerably less than what it would cost to keep a receptionist on the payroll.


Customer relationship management

Quality customer relationship management software is a mission-critical small business tech upgrade. While a founder can start their business without automated lead generation, multichannel marketing analytics and revenue forecasting, it’s extremely difficult to scale up without those resources. Thankfully, companies like Zoho and Salesforce offer very affordable programs that make SMB CRM a breeze.



This article was written by Mario McKellop for Small Business Pulse