Repeat Customers

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5 Ways to Attract Repeat Customers

July 19, 2018 - 2:31 pm

In this globally connected world, running a business is more complex each passing day. Long standing commerce rules are rapidly disappearing or changing faster than we can keep up. There are, however, certain credos that have not changed nor are likely to. The true strength of a business is not only how many new customers can be acquired, but the number of repeat customers maintained. What follows are some basic ideas with a few modern twists.



Before customers can become repeat customers you need to find them. No longer can businesses rely on clients walking through the door or even being found on the web. Join organizations that cater to your specialty, which will keep you abreast of advances in technology and be a source for new clients. Develop a system of word-of-mouth, Facebook-to-Facebook and email-to-email. Strive to keep your present customers satisfied so that they will be happy to refer you. In some cases, rewards in the form of credit, cash or product can be used as encouragement to provide a referral.

Utilize all forms of technology. This includes an easy to navigate website with a Facebook page link, email, and phone number listings, divided by departments if necessary. The judicial use of e-blasts with real information can keep current clients informed. Keep everything updated.


Offer a superior product or service

Is what you sell or do really the best there is on the market? Challenge yourself and your employees to think in terms of better development. It is also important to understand your competition. Are they successful due to price, quality or service? How can you offer more without lowering your quality?


Fulfill your clients' expectations

Open communication with your client is key to fulfilling their expectations. A face-to-face meeting can be vital in setting up a meaningful relationship. Show what your product or service can do in fulfilling their needs and the process in which you will deliver.


Honesty and integrity

Price is not always the driving force in business decisions. Dealing with everyone honestly will carry far more weight. Do not try to undercut your competition by selling cheap. Your client knows fair market value and will pay for quality.


Customer service

In spite of our best efforts, mistakes happen. They are unavoidable. What is avoidable is making it difficult for clients to contact your company. Set up an easy to find method of communication, such as phone or email, so that your client can communicate directly with a problem. Strive to understand the complaint and be honest as to whether you can solve it. Lastly, work to resolve the problem quickly and efficiently.


This article was written by Mark Horning for Small Business Pulse