Bandwidth Key to Successful Business Operations

Why You Need Speed

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August 09, 2018 - 9:00 am

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In today’s increasingly digitized marketplace, small businesses need to ensure they have the tools to be competitive. No matter industry or size, every burgeoning company has a strong need for robust bandwidth. Access to high speed internet is a necessity for all businesses, especially considering how it is critical to keep up with ever-increasing consumer demand.


The Bandwidth Explosion

In 2017, Cisco noted that due to the increasing use of video streaming, online shopping, and mobile browsing across the world, internet usage has skyrocketed in the last four years. From 2014 to 2018, international internet bandwidth usage went from under 200 terabytes per second (TBps) to over 600 TBps. Moreover, North America alone is expected to experience a 20 percent increase in IP traffic by 2021. The biggest takeaway small business owners should have from the report is that, in the near future, consumers will expect a completely seamless experience when interacting with brands online. Small businesses will need to ensure their websites are secure and speedy, fully functional when accessed through a mobile device, and have enough server support to handle all incoming traffic.


Business Growth

Businesses must ensure they have enough bandwidth to support their internal operations. Whether it’s accessing company assets remotely, needing fast WiFi on site, video conferencing with clients, or sending email blasts with large attachments or automated social media posts, high speed internet is a requirement. It’s also important for a small business’s high speed internet solution to be robust and holistic. A 2018 study found that one of the leading causes of more than 70 percent of online cart abandonment rate is slow load times. Consequently, small businesses literally can’t afford for their sites to unexpectedly run out of bandwidth or to experience protracted downtime.


Increasing Demand for Speed

The overall need for bandwidth is quickly on the rise and obtaining speedy internet is essential for the success of a company. Small businesses now have the opportunity to operate under the most efficient conditions with the high quality of internet speed available. To effectively run a business you must be able to rely on the ability to function at your peak. Here are reasons the demand for high speed internet is needed more than ever: 

  • Emailing with large attachments
  • File sharing and backup
  • Cloud applications
  • Video conferencing and streaming
  • Wireless/WiFi


It is recommended that small business owners have someone to trust to handle their bandwidth needs. Comcast Business Internet offers a range of affordable pricing plans and internet speeds up to 1GB that are suited for every business, regardless of the number of employees or traffic rates. In today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, the only two types of small business are those that have fortified their operations with a quality high speed internet solution, and those that won’t have a future.


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