Custom Energy Efficiency Business Solutions

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July 23, 2018 - 2:00 pm
Business Solutions

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You know your business best. Find creative, custom and effective ways to upgrade the energy efficiency of your operations by working closely with an energy company. Consumers Energy will support your efforts with rebates based on the amount of energy you save over your base annual energy use. You’ll be creating a more comfortable and productive work environment for your employees to do what they do best. The power of custom solutions can save you money, and build a more sustainable future for Michigan.


Creative ways businesses save

Ventilation controls​ - Optimize your ventilation system with carbon dioxide or occupancy-based controls and stop blowing air into empty rooms.

Exhaust heat recovery - Catch the heat coming out of your exhaust pipes and use it to keep your building warm in the winter.

Boiler and chiller replacement - Keep your workplace comfortable and your industrial processes in the right temperature bands for less with efficient heating systems.


Custom solutions businesses use

  • Water-side and air-side economizers
  • Constant volume to variable volume water or air distribution
  • Variable-speed controls
  • Energy management system programming changes
  • Envelope improvements such as roof insulation
  • Process improvements
  • Floating head pressure controls for industrial
  • Air compressor improvements


Saving energy saves your business money. Discover the many ways your business can save. For more tips or to get started on an energy efficiency project visit Consumers Energy.

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