Marketing Strategy

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How Input From Multiple Departments Can Improve Your Marketing Strategy

August 28, 2018 - 2:00 pm

When it comes to creating your company's message and brand, or reaching your target audience, effective marketing requires more than taking a shot in the dark. In order for any marketing strategy to thrive, it demands successful behind-the-scenes teamwork. Encouraging cross-department involvement across various divisions within a company is one of the best ways to improve marketing strategies, thus creating a more efficient workflow, enticing adherence to project deadlines and promoting follow-up in a variety of areas.


Understanding customers' mindsets

Input from multiple departments can assist in determining your clients’ ultimate mindset, which drives them to your company's services and/or products. In today’s highly digital age, consumers are inundated with noise from numerous marketing campaigns that essentially offer the same solutions, services and benefits. What many businesses fail to consider however, is the most valuable and economical ways to target their consumers. Clients need to believe your company understands them and their needs before you can successfully market your message.

When input from multiple departments within an organization is considered, marketing strategies begin to take into account broader analytics, starting with precise customer needs, which can be determined by factors that range from social media studies to consumer interviews. The collective data gathered by various segments of an organization can then be pulled together to better communicate with consumers in ways that best meet their needs. Once multiple departments determine who their target clients are, they can begin to utilize individual sectors to their greatest abilities.


Improving your marketing strategy

Marketing strategies require full circle cooperation in order to develop and share the best end result. For instance, a marketing team relies on its product team, which may rely on its technology team. Product teams can focus on creating customer solutions while the accounting team can further investigate consumer cost. Combined with their efforts, promotion teams are then capable of crafting the correct client communication, which ultimately concludes with a marketing team’s strategy to pull everything together.

Cross-department involvement can improve an organization’s marketing strategy by saving time and money through individualized investigations into the who, what, how and why of consumers’ attitudes and demands. Different perspectives and skills from within multiple departments are critical components to bridging gaps in marketing strategies while boosting workplace morale and nurturing relationships between your company and consumers.


This article was written by Jessica Wasik for Small Business Pulse