Adrienne Reed

Adrienne Reed (Photo and logo courtesy of Hamba Consulting, LLC)

The Marketing Wizardry of Entrepreneur Adrienne Reed

September 26, 2018 - 1:00 pm

Adrienne Reed isn't just the life of the party — she IS the party. She's an irresistible crackle of positivity that draws people close and gets them excited about anything and everything she's involved in. Through her company, Hamba Consulting, LLC, Adrienne has been able to utilize that charismatic magic to become a champion of diversity and inclusion throughout the greater Los Angeles area.

For instance, Brunch 2 Bomb is a marketing activation event that Adrienne runs with her partner Benjamin Walker. It is a '90s themed musical brunch that has grown from 265 people to more than 700 in just a few short months. The driven entrepreneur was kind enough to answer some questions about what she does and how her admirable marketing skills have allowed her to become such a major force of empowerment.


What does Hamba Consulting do?

I focus on finding potential clientele who are trying to push forward for the sake of the forward progress of diversity and inclusion, and I work with them to try and expand the reach of their vision through marketing activation events, social media, and brand strategy.


Where did the company name come from?

When I left corporate America, I kind of went into a panic trying to figure out what I was going to do. I was talking to my mom and she reminded me that I came up with an idea for a company in high school that I had completely forgotten about in the midst of adulting. I was teaching myself how to speak Swahili at the time. Hamba means 'marching forward' or 'lion,' depending upon the translation. I've always been very passionate about my culture. I named my business Hamba Consulting so I could march folks forward as a natural leader, because I am a Leo.


What is your marketing philosophy?

Organic marketing is the way to go. That's how you build the best repeat customers. I think that creating opportunities for others really results in a wealth of opportunities that you are also creating for yourself.


Can you give an example of that?

After the epiphany that brought me to the name of my company, I saw the importance of cultivating purpose in youth, so I often speak on the Cal State University platform. I speak to freshmen and sophomores about really pursuing their purpose. Through those visits, I also generate business for Hamba.


Additionally, Adrienne is co-authoring a book with a friend who is a child psychologist and a new mom. The book is about cultivating purpose through the stages of child development.


This article was written by Allen Foster for Small Business Pulse