Minneapolis Business Creates Custom Wood Products With the Help of Technology

Woodchuck - A Comcast Business Customer Testimonial

Comcast Business Minneapolis
June 04, 2018 - 1:30 pm
Oberg Lake in northern Minnesota

Oberg Lake in Minnesota (Image Credit: Dreamstime)


Every business knows the importance of technology in today's workplace and the need for reliable internet. As Comcast delivers the fastest speeds to the most businesses across the Twin Cities, this local Minneapolis company feels at ease that they have the tools and technology to compete with anyone.

Woodchuck USA puts their ability to effortlessly use innovative technology as a priority while successfully running their business. Providing the best customer service includes manufacturing and shipping products effectively and in a timely matter, which is possible with Comcast Business. Profits are lost when your company can't work to its greatest ability, so having someone on your side, especially during any issues, can make all the difference. 

Woodchuck USA creates quality hand-crafted and hand-customized wood products, with a mission to "put nature back into peoples' lives." Establishing a Buy One Plant One program, Wood Chuck USA plants a tree for every product purchased. 

Founder and CEO Ben VandenWymelenberg provides more information about their business model here:

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