Adolfo Suaya (Image Credit: Paloma)

How Paloma's Adolfo Suaya Finds His Amazing Workforce

August 24, 2018 - 10:00 am

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Adolfo Suaya left high school early to pursue entrepreneurship. He launched his first endeavor, a children's clothing business, at the age of 17, and has been unstoppable ever since. Before moving to Los Angeles in 1985, Adolfo had not only established himself as a major force in the business world, but he was also an accomplished actor.

One of Adolfo's most impressive achievements is the Paloma, located on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. The entrepreneur was kind enough to answer a few questions about this esteemed establishment and how he attracts such a remarkable team.


Can you give a brief history of how Paloma came about?

Paloma came about organically as the continuation of our passion for nightlife in Los Angeles. We also own a whiskey bar in Beverly Hills, called The Phoenix, which has this amazing vibe and has built quite the following for itself. The "Paloma" on draft is our most popular cocktail there, which is ironic seeing as though it is a tequila cocktail in a whiskey-centric cocktail program. We knew we wanted to open up another venue that captures the atmosphere of The Phoenix but with a twist, so we decided to dedicate our new place to serving Palomas, Margaritas, and great tequila. Give the people what they want!

I am a partner at Paloma. Myself, and my staff, always strive to create a fun Latin dance environment. We aren't strict at the door, and if dressed appropriately, we let everyone in. We try to be the go-to neighborhood spot for music, drinks, and fun in the heart of Hollywood.


How do you attract and find new employees?

We've created this beautiful culture at the bar, where the staff really pulls together and feels like a family. Our current team usually ends up recommending their friends to join our crew, by word of mouth, although we have found some amazing talent through walk-ins as well!


What has been your favorite Paloma memory to date?

My favorite memory to date would have to be during one of our most recent private events. R. Kelly was a special guest and friend of the host, and spontaneously performed in our Atrium with 200 phones trying to get a clip of him singing his timeless "Ignition Remix."


Besides Paloma, the Argentine-American restaurateur, hotelier, and television host has founded or financed numerous Southern California restaurants and bars including Gaucho Grill, Dolce, the Lodge, Osaka, and others. He has served as host of the Sun Channel television series, "Latin American Foodie" and "Foodie Trips." Suaya also owns hotels in Uruguay and Argentina, and is excited about his latest venture, the Whisky Hotel, which will be located in Hollywood.


This article was written by Allen Foster for Small Business Pulse