Is Your Small Business's Internet Up to Speed?

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September 06, 2018 - 1:00 pm
Internet Speed

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In today’s marketplace, small business owners need to ensure they have the right tools to keep up with tech-savvy consumers. The most important tool a business can utilize to foster connectivity is the internet. Consistent and quality internet service is mission critical to a company’s customer-facing and back end operations. Consequently, founders need to ensure that their businesses are equipped with a high-speed internet solution that has no data caps.

While cost-conscious founders may think that they can get along with the same kind of consumer-grade internet they have at home, that’s just not the case. Contemporary small businesses should be directing most of their marketing efforts toward online channels. For example, according to a report by LYFE Marketing, every dollar spent on email marketing brings a return on investment (ROI) of $40. That makes it more valuable than banner ads and search engine optimization combined. To get that kind of ROI, businesses need to use emails rich in media, using images and video. However, to send out media-rich email blasts, a high-bandwidth internet solution is required. Otherwise, the size of emails can slow the company’s office internet to a crawl at a critical time or even shut down entirely if a data cap is exceeded.

Similarly, a small business’s ability to process online orders, communicate with suppliers and contact team members will be negatively impacted if internet service is interrupted. With the sheer amount of options currently available to consumers, days or even hours of downtime can be extremely detrimental to a burgeoning company. It is wise to invest in a business internet solution like the one offered by Comcast Business. The company offers a 4G wireless connection backup that will kick in automatically in the event of weather or network related outages that affect 90 percent of American business.

Dependable, high-speed internet is also important for backend operations. Companies that utilize cloud-based applications to facilitate their inventory management, human resources, project collaboration, VoIP phone service and accounting need a dedicated internet connection. Comcast Business high-speed internet is not only fast and reliable, it is also supported by a powerful threat management service and 24-hour priority customer care. Therefore, small business owners that use its service can have the peace of mind of knowing that their systems are both secure and robust.

Founders need to be very thoughtful about their spending to keep their companies profitable. However, underspending on something as important as a high-speed internet solution can have the kind of negative consequences no business can afford.


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