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What Type of HR Software Is Right for Your Small Business?

June 15, 2018 - 11:00 am

Digital HR is now being used by almost all large companies, as well as an increasing number of midsize and small firms. The right software package can streamline all kinds of paperwork issues, from personnel records to payroll. For some small companies, this software will make the HR department work more efficiently and, especially for those where the owner does it all, can even take the place of the HR department.


What does HR software do?

Paperwork. It is the bane of every organization, and doubly so in a small business, where often the owner is the only one to perform this time-consuming task. HR software offers a way to streamline the paperwork process. This type of software can help organize and keep track of everything from applications for employment to employee records. There are software packages that can help better manage the flow of materials and ensure that the company has the parts, people and production they need, when they need it. There are also financial software packages that can help with everything from payroll to taxes.


Finding the right HR software for your business

There are many good companies that sell HR software or provide HR software services. The best ones will ask your small business a few questions in order to find the product or service that is best suited to your needs. A small business can be anywhere from one to 100 employees or more, depending upon the industry in which they are engaged. While every small business can benefit from HR software, not every package works for every company.


What are some of the top types of HR software?

Small businesses can make good use of HR software that fits their needs. Here are some of the types of software that are available:

Hiring software - Finding the right person for the right position is a difficult and time-consuming task. Hiring or talent management software helps sort and keep track of applicants and makes it easier to go find a former applicant that is right for a job when one becomes open.

Core system software - This type of software helps with the daily administration of personnel issues. It will not only assist with payroll and benefits, but can also help reduce employee attrition by keeping track of job performance ratings, salary increases, scheduling and attendance.

People system software - As a business hires more and more employees, it will encounter all manner of people issues, from employee grievances to time tracking and performance management. This type of software can help manage all of that.

Integrated software suites - This is the most comprehensive and usually most expensive type of HR software. It helps with recruitment and other aspects of talent management, as well as the day-to-day personnel paperwork and issues served by core systems. Integrated suites are usually sold in modules that can be combined to meet specific needs.


This article was written by Mark G. McLaughlin for Small Business Pulse