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Attorney’s Marketing Strategy To Openly Share Expertise Inspires People & Creates Clients

March 10, 2016 - 8:00 am

  Professional services, including those fulfilled by law practices, can be difficult to market. Rather than spending a lot of money on traditional advertising channels, Chicago-based attorney, Lyndsay A. Markley markets her business by sharing her expertise. By regularly contributing articles on leadership and other topics to industry publications and other professional publications, Markley has been able to successfully brand herself, which in turn has led to more clients for her company.  


Lindsay A. Markley (Photo courtesy of Lindsay A. Markley)


  Markley is a well respected and award-winning attorney, and when she began her own practice, she decided to market her firm by lending her expertise to publications. Many of her articles focus on women and leadership. Markley states, “Leadership articles garner the most interest, usually with a lot of aspiring and fellow female business leaders. Those type of female empowerment articles have become very popular with the likes of the LeanIn.org movement. I’m very open and honest, and I think that resonates with readers.” By conveying a genuine personality with expertise, Markley has been able to gain visibility for her practice.

One reason that Markley’s strategy has proven successful is that she doesn’t overtly promote her business in her articles. Although she sometimes writes about cases for public relations, she doesn’t come right out and sell the firm in articles. “Our firm used guest article/columns writing and speaking appointments as a marketing tool, because this type of content is popular online, it is often shared with trending Twitter hashtags like #MondayMotivation, and it can genuinely inspire people instead of putting out overt sales messages.” One way in which social media is successful in marketing is that it is able to help businesses build a brand personality. Markley has taken this idea and successfully carried it into her firm’s public relations strategy.

Industry publications are always looking for experts to contribute, and now that more professional associations are making use of newsletters and blogs, it’s easy to find opportunities to spread your expertise. Building your credibility is a good marketing strategy, because it allows customers to come into your business knowing that you are an expert. Markley has utilized her expertise and credibility in the legal community to grow her firm and attract new clients.       This article was written by Alaina Brandenburger for Small Business Pulse