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‘This Is The Blueprint Of How I Did It’: Joy Mangano Discusses Her New Book ‘Inventing Joy’

November 09, 2017 - 5:42 pm

  Joy Mangano is no stranger to being in the public spotlight. For most of her career, the inventor and entrepreneur has been, in her own words, “standing up in front of America,” talking about the countless products that she has designed, promoted and sold. But it wasn’t until the 2015 David O. Russell film “Joy,” which was based on the invention of her industry-changing, self-wringing Miracle Mop, that people became interested in the personal life of Joy Mangano. “All of a sudden,” she explains, “there was this explosion of, ‘How did you do it? How did you, as a single mom with three little kids, how did you become an inventor, how did you get on TV, how did you become so successful?'” This week, with the publication of her new book “Inventing Joy: Dare To Build A Brave And Creative Life” (Simon & Schuster), Joy Mangano gets to share her story in-depth. In the interview below, Joy explains why it was important to share the “blueprint of the principles” that led to her success and what readers may be surprised to learn about Joy.

  This book seems like it’s as much about sharing your story as it is about inspiring others to pursue their goals. Can you talk about what compelled you to write a book about your life?

It was interesting. I’ve been standing up in front of America for over 25 years. I always talk about product. I invent product, I design it, and I do all the features and benefits of that product. When the movie Joy came out, it went into a little bit of my journey. All of a sudden, there was this explosion of, “How did you do it? How did you, as a single mom with three little kids, how did you become an inventor, how did you get on TV, how did you become so successful?” They wanted to know the journey. This is the whole behind-the-scenes so to speak. The story is so amazing, truly. I mean, if they made a Hollywood movie, you know there’s gotta be some good stuff in there, right?

Inventing Joy: Dare to Build a Brave and Creative Life (Cover courtesy of Simon & Schuster)

  Oh yeah.

So it really is the journey of the obstacles, the heartbreak, the happiness, the thrill, the excitement, the comedy, the sexy — all of these. Especially the sexy part. No. [laughs] But it really is a page-turner. I had somebody tell me they read the book on an airplane. When they finished, they closed the book and said they felt like they wanted to fly the plane. That’s how motivated and inspired they were. This is truly my give-back and my blueprint of the principles that I live by that have led to this amazing success. And when I say success, it’s on all levels. It’s not just as an entrepreneur. It’s in family. It’s with friends. It’s with myself even. It’s about discovering yourself and rediscovering yourself.

  What was it like seeing your life story told on-screen in the movie Joy? How were you able to tell your story differently in this book?

It was surreal to see my story in cinematic form. When David O. Russell, the writer-director, did the movie, he came back with an unedited, five-and-a-half hour version. There’s so much to it, but obviously you can’t do that. Hollywood is Hollywood. There was beautiful aspects of his genius in there. The book is very different in that it really takes your through the emotional journey, the uplifting high and low points that people don’t know about. At the end of the day, you know we’re all alike, and all of us, unless you’re very fortunate in life, we have obstacles that we have to get through. This is the blueprint of how I did it, how anybody else can do it. Everybody has a door into this book. Everybody.

  What are some things readers might be most surprised to find in the book?

I would think they might be most surprised to see that I had to deal with gangsters to get my Miracle Mop molds back.

  Oh wow. This really is going to be a page-turner.

It is! Oh it sure is. And then, one of the things I talk about in this day and age, especially for women, they feel like they have to do it all. Young moms, working and careers and all that, they have to get it all done. In the book, it goes into how I tried to do the same thing and I got really sick. I had to re-evaluate myself and find that courageous Joy. I went through divorce and raising children as a single mom. All through that is this incredible journey of building a business. I’m intertwining all of this and I truly think, no matter young or old, people will absolutely be shocked and surprised and come away with a new absorption about how I’m dealing with my life.


Inventing Joy: Dare To Build A Brave And Creative Life” is out now on Simon & Schuster. Catch Joy Mangano on tour promoting her new book on the following dates.

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